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Welcome to our online shop - we're glad you're here! Please enjoy browsing our selection of award-winning single origin chocolate, hot cocoa and other goodies. As a small craft chocolate maker we're proud to be on Food and Wine's list of the Best Chocolate in America. For a full list of our awards please visit our Awards page. Thanks for visiting!

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The best way to sample the incredible flavors of many bars at once. Great for chocolate tastings and gifts!

Signature Line

Bars with no added flavors.  These truly highlight the unique flavors of our personally sourced cacao beans.


Three of our Signature Line origins, but with crunchy coffee, almonds and smooth local maple sugar.

Special Reserve

Bars with unique and complex flavor combinations, plus our 100% bar for hardcore chocolate lovers.

Maker's Choice

Our Maker's Choice bars started as Limited Release, but were so popular we had to make more and add them to our regular lineup.


These dark milk bars are made with antibiotic and GMO-free Organic West milk (dairy) or organic and glyphosate-free JOI oat milk (plant-based).

Limited Release

Our Limited Release bars allow us to feature unique cacao origins and flavor combinations. We make only one batch and then they're gone!

Hot Cocoa & 100% Cacao Powder

We make our award-winning hot cocoa with our own 100% cacao powder, which we roast, grind and press ourselves from our fine flavor single origin cacao beans. We also now offer our pure 100% cacao powder, no sugar added!

Nibs & Tea

A different way to enjoy cacao goodness! Made with our single origin Esmeraldas cacao.


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