Award-Winning Single Origin Craft Chocolate

Discover True Cacao Flavor

Our mission is simple:  make exquisitely flavorful chocolate from ethically sourced cacao beans.
Most chocolate is made using cheap additives and poor quality cacao.  We handcraft ours using only the highest quality beans sourced directly from farms we’ve visited, and never use any additives.    We even take the extraordinary step of freshly pressing our own cocoa butter, making our chocolate exceptionally smooth and intensely flavorful.  Try it for yourself to discover why Food & Wine included us on their list of The Best Chocolate in America!
  • sofi awards 2021

    2021 Sofi Award Winners

    We’re proud to share that our 2021 Sofi award winners are our El Carmen 77% bar, Classic Milk bar and our El Carmen Hot Cocoa! The sofi awards recognize the best specialty foods from around the globe, and were dubbed the “Oscars of the food world” by Bloomberg.  This year we won awards in three…

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  • 2021 Academy of Chocolate winner badges

    We won fourteen 2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards!

    As a small craft chocolate maker it’s always gratifying to be recognized by the Academy of Chocolate, and this year we’re proud to have received 14 awards – more than any other craft chocolate maker in North America! About the Academy The Academy of Chocolate exists to, among other things, promote a greater awareness of…

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  • fifteen international chocolate awards

    We Won Fifteen 2021 International Chocolate Awards!

    The International Chocolate Awards for the Americas region were just announced, and we’re proud to have won 16 awards, including two Gold!  We’re very proud and honored to have won more ICA awards this year than any other chocolate maker in North America. Chocolate making has been a very long journey for us, starting more…

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  • Watch our segment on NECN!

    Shortly after Food & Wine named us to their list of the Best Chocolate in America NECN asked to interview us.  We were happy to oblige, and the resulting segment is an entertaining and informative glimpse into how we make our award-winning single origin chocolate.  You can watch it on NECN’s website!    

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  • The Best Chocolate in America

    We’re thrilled to be included in Food & Wine’s list of the Best Chocolate in America! Food & Wine is widely regarded as the premier publication in the food world, and we’re incredibly proud to be recognized in this way.   In the article Senior Editor David Landsel details how the chocolate landscape has transformed…

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  • We're one of Melissa's favorites!

    We’re one of Melissa’s favorites!

    We’ve been fans of Melissa Clark since falling in love with her seasonal cookbook “Cook This Now,” and we avidly follow her weekly “A Good Appetite” column in The New York Times. So we were thrilled when she included us on her list of favorite craft chocolate makers! See the full list here, and also…

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  • halloween haunted barn

    Halloween Haunted Barn

    It’s that time of year again!  Time for all the ghosts at our 200 year old farm to once again haunt our historic barn. Considering they wait all year for this it’s understandable they go all out for the occasion.  In addition to our ghosts we think neighboring specters show up as well.  💀💀💀 Although…

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  • it's a busy fall on the farm

    It’s a Busy Fall on the Farm

    Fall is finally here, and apples and pumpkins are everywhere!   We’re happy to report that our pumpkin patch is a tremendous success.  This is the first year we grew pumpkins, and we ended up with dozens of large, healthy ones.  You’ll notice that some of the pumpkins are slightly different colors, and that’s because…

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  • Direct Trade vs. Fair Trade

    You’ve probably seen the term Fair Trade a lot on product packaging.  When you see that label you probably assume that people all along the supply chain, from farmers on up, are receiving a higher price for their product than they would otherwise.  But, that’s not always the case.  For example, with cacao it’s possible…

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