March 23rd

Chocolate Tasting at Vin Bin in Southborough

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True to the Bean

Our chocolate is handcrafted in New England to highlight the distinctive flavors of the world’s finest cacao beans. We use only fine flavor beans ethically sourced from the small farmers and producers we’ve met on our travels throughout Mexico and Central America. Here at our farm we carefully roast, stone grind, and conche small batches of these beans to bring out their hidden flavors. We even use them to press our own cocoa butter! The result is a smooth chocolate that stays true to the unique flavors found in each different type of cacao.


Almendra Blanca 70g
Asochivite 70g
El Carmen 70g
Nicalizo 70g
Almendra Blanca 30g
Asochivite 30g
El Carmen 30g
Nicalizo 30g
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  • Back from Ecuador & Peru!

    We just returned from a very successful (and warm!) sourcing trip to Ecuador and Peru, where we visited two amazing producers: Costa Esmeraldas Cacao in Ecuador and Ucayali River Cacao in Peru. Our first stop was Costa Esmeraldas. Freddy Salazar and his family have more than two hundred acres of cacao trees on their farm…

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  • Raiders of the Lost Cacao

    Well, it’s not exactly Indiana Jones but tomorrow we’re off to South America to search for more great cacao beans. This always takes us off the beaten path, which is why I use the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference, but the comparison stops (hopefully) before the point where blow darts are being launched in…

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  • Fair Trade vs. Direct Trade

    We’re heading to Ecuador and Peru next week for a sourcing trip, so this seems like a good time to talk about how we buy our cacao beans. You’ll often see two terms describing how chocolate makers buy their beans: “Fair Trade” and “direct trade.” There’s a lot of confusion about what these terms mean,…

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