Discover True Cacao Flavor

We handcraft our single origin chocolate using only the highest quality beans sourced directly from farms we’ve visited, and never use any additives.    We even take the extraordinary step of freshly pressing our own cocoa butter, making our chocolate exceptionally smooth and intensely flavorful.  Try for yourself to discover why Food & Wine included us on their list of The Best Chocolate in America!

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  • popular science logo

    Trust the Science

    Popular Science included our Complete Collection in their top twelve list of the best food gifts to give this holiday season!  If you think chocolate has nothing to do with…

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  • most unique gifts for men

    The Most Unique Gifts for Men

    Men’s Health Included us on their list of the most unique holiday gifts for men!  Looking for a $1000 pair of noise canceling headphones?  How about a $789 espresso machine?…

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  • Goodnow Farms Chocolate Forbes Gift Guide

    We’re on Forbes List of Best Gourmet Bars

    Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite chocolate lovers?  Then we have good news – Forbes did all the work for you in their 2022 Gift Guide!  And we…

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  • visiting cacao farmers in colombia

    Transparent Trade, 2023

    Understanding where your food comes from is incredibly important.  Most people usually have very little understanding of where their food is grown, the process by which it reaches them, and…

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  • gaziantep, turkey

    Aid for Turkey

    The recent earthquake in Turkey has caused massive devastation and suffering, and created a humanitarian crisis.  Two of the hardest hit cities are Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, which is where the…

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  • tom and monica with a cacao tree, goodnow farms chocolate

    Opening a Cacao Pod

    Chocolate comes from a fruit!  In this video from our sourcing trip to Ecuador we show you how to open a ripe cacao pod.  

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