Discover True Cacao Flavor

We handcraft our single origin chocolate using only the highest quality beans sourced directly from farms we’ve visited, and never use any additives.    We even take the extraordinary step of freshly pressing our own cocoa butter, making our chocolate exceptionally smooth and intensely flavorful.  Try for yourself to discover why Food & Wine included us on their list of The Best Chocolate in America!
  • Direct Trade vs. Fair Trade

    You’ve probably seen the term Fair Trade a lot on product packaging.  When you see that label you probably assume that people all along the supply chain, from farmers on…

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  • Single Origin Cocoa Butter Is Awesome

    It’s true – single origin cocoa butter really IS awesome.  I know this because I taste it.  A lot. If you don’t agree with me about cocoa butter’s awesomeness you’ve…

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  • The Importance of Ethical Sourcing

    The Washington Post recently published an excellent article, “Cocoa’s Child Laborers,” detailing the issues with child labor and unsafe working conditions in the global cacao supply chain. The article explains…

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