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Good Food Award Winners


We’re proud to have won a Good Food Award five years in a row!  In addition to judging specialty food products based on flavor, the Good Food Foundation requires  every product to meet strict standards for social and environmental responsibility.

Esmeraldas:  Our very first Good Food Award winner!  Made from single origin beans sourced directly from the Salazar family farm in Same, Ecuador.  Tasting notes are deep berry jam.

Boyaca:  We use single origin beans from Impulsa Bacao in San Pablo de Borbur, Colombia, to craft this bar.  Tasting notes are toasted marshmallow and graham cracker.

Ucayali:  Our latest Good Food winner!  This cacao comes from small family farms along the banks of the Ucayali River in Peru, one of the headwaters of the Amazon.  This bar is floral and herbal, with hints of lemon verbena and fig.

Putnam Rye Whiskey: We use 55 bottles of Boston Harbor Distillery’s distinctive “Putnam Rye Whiskey” for each batch of this Special Reserve chocolate, giving this bar an intense whiskey flavor like no other!

Contains six 55g bars.

Our six consecutive Good Food Award winners.

Original price was: $106.00.Current price is: $101.00.

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter, Whiskey, Rum, Coffee
Soy Free, Gluten Free, Not Alkalized, No Lecithin, Vegan

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Each bar is excellent