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Our Ucayali bar recently won a 2023 Good Food award!  The Good Food Awards celebrates exceptionally flavorful craft foods and also requires that each entry meets strict social and environmental sustainability standards.  This is our sixth consecutive Good Food Awards winner!  Previously this bar also won a Gold sofi award and Silver at the International Chocolate Awards World finals.

Peru, 70% Cacao, 55g Bar


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter
Soy Free, Gluten Free, Not Alkalized, No Lecithin, Vegan

Customer Reviews

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Wanda Baustert

They were Christmas presents so are still under the tree! I will let you know when taste tested!!! Happy Holidays.

Timothy Walsh
Arrived very soft

Brought them in as soon as delivered. Must have been in heat for awhile. Was a hot day. They firmed up a little — always good regardless. Especially like the coffee crunch and cafe con leche and cacao fruit (surprisingly) — but always live the variety. Haven’t had last year’s favorite — the apple. Your milk choc and white are some of the only versions of those I eat. How about a soft Carmel fill? Too complicated needing special machines?

Larry Safir


The Chocolate Ambassador
Peru Ucayali dark chocolate

This Perù Ucayali 70% dark is awe-inspiring because you can taste, among other flavors, an impressive herbal-honey strong character. I do not know if you noticed but "herbs and flowers" are often used to describe the flavor profile of many single-origin chocolates, but it is rarely true. Not in this case, of course. Great snap, tempering, appearance. Creamy and cool mouthfeel. Absence of Astringency. Soft yet aromatic bitterness. Nose: honeyed, dried herbs, dried peach, land-forest. Palate: UNIQUE HERBAL HONEY FLAVOR! There is a mixture of: sage honey (honey sweetness with pine, juniper, and land nuances); bee balm tea (mild herby flavor with a hint of refreshing menthol); Monarda flower spiciness (pungent like Greek oregano), especially in the aftertaste; dried peach undertones; lemongrass (there is a mild citruciness with a hint of ginger in the aftertaste and a cooling mint peculiar taste during the tasting).
This tasting experience represents a perfectly developed network of flavors intended to really deliver the utmost complexity that you would expect from specific cacao origin and beyond! Not surprisingly, they won a lot of prizes for it.

Bonnie Glass
Love it!

I enjoyed the chocolate as always. I especially loved the fruitiness of this flavor bar.