Our Chocolate

Every bean has a story

To create our single origin bars, we seek out farmers who grow cacao beans with the greatest flavor potential. Our search has taken us to remote villages and small family farms throughout Latin America. We’ve been rewarded by discovering extraordinary producers of fine flavor beans.  We always trade directly and pay a premium well above commodity prices for all our beans.

Our process stays true to the bean

We make single origin chocolate, which means we use beans from one farm or region to create each variety of bar.  We do this because different cacao beans, much like wine grapes or coffee beans, have different flavors.  Discovering these amazing flavors is one of the true joys of eating single origin chocolate bars!

Being very particular about the cacao beans we select is just the beginning of our quest to make an intensely flavorful and smooth chocolate bar. Here at our New England farm, every step of our process is designed to bring out the full flavor potential of each distinctive type of bean. We roast beans in small batches according to our exacting flavor profiles, carefully modifying these profiles for each type of cacao. We even take the extra step of pressing our own single origin cocoa butter for each variety of Goodnow Farms chocolate. The result is award-winning chocolate that always stays true to bean!

  • Coto Brus

    Our newest bar is an Heirloom cacao from the Coto Brus region of Costa Rica. Incredibly flavorful and smooth this rare cacao must be tasted to be believed!

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  • Esmeraldas

    The cacao beans for this Good Food Award winner are grown by the Salazar family in the Esmeraldas region of Ecuador. The Salazars carefully choose the cacao varieties they plant, and also do their own fermentation and drying.

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  • Ucayali

    This award-winning bar is made from beans grown by farmers along the Ucayali river in Peru. The beans are taken by boat to the new Ucayali River Cacao fermentation and drying facility where they're expertly prepared for shipment.

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  • Almendra Blanca

    Almendra Blanca means “white almond.” The color of this bean from Tabasco, Mexico gives the finished bar a lighter look despite its high cacao content. A short, gentle roast highlights this bean’s naturally bright, fruity flavor.

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  • Asochivite

    The Q’eqchi Maya farmers of Chivite, Guatemala harvest cacao from the wild trees surrounding their village. This bean has a delightfully bright fruit flavor, with light acidity and a mellow, dark-fruit finish.

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  • El Carmen

    El Carmen is grown on small family farms in central Nicaragua. Working closely with local partners, we’ve developed a custom drying technique that perfectly highlights the unique flavors of this cacao.

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  • Nicalizo

    Nicalizo is the first Nicaraguan bean awarded Heirloom Cacao status for its fine-flavor characteristics. We chose it for this limited edition bar because of its interesting taste profile, which includes grapes, raisins, and woody notes.

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