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Special Reserve, Las Palomas Coffee

If you love single origin flavor this is the chocolate for you!  We joined forces with renowned single origin coffee expert George Howell to create this deliciously smooth and flavorful single origin coffee and cacao bar.

Guatemala, 55g Bar


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Asochivite), Las Palomas Coffee
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Bonnie Figlo

There's something very distinctly creamy about your dark chocolates. I break off a piece and let it melt in my mouth...heavenly!! My favorite chocolate. Favorite flavor: Brown Butter!

Bruce Ring
Amazing chocolate

The best we’ve ever tasted. Love how creamy the chocolate gets when eaten. The maple sugar and coffee flavored bars are outstanding. Bravo!

Martin Mazzanti
Very different than coffee and chocolate

The Las Palomas coffee bar is not the flavor of coffee and chocolate. The coffee flavor is so subtle that I experienced it as enhancing the flavor of the chocolate with more depth. Knowing there is coffee in the bar I could make out the coffee notes. However if I did not know, I would have just thought the flavor nuances of the chocolate was amazing. The coffee notes are so well integrated it just made a delicious chocolate. This bar is one of my favorites.


My first taste of single origin/bean-to-bar chocolate so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was initially overwhelmed by the bitterness and strong cherry (almost like liqueur or wine) taste and actually thought I disliked it. But, I could not. stop. eating. it. I was trying to save the bar, but polished it off within a day. I tried it with a sip of George Howell’s coffee which was a fun experiment that intensified the fruity sourness of the bar and mellowed the bitter aftertaste. I would highly recommend this for coffee lovers.

Mary Elizabeth
Great taste!

This chocolate has great taste and mouthfeel; the coffee is a perfect complement!