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  • 2018 Academy of Chocolate, Bronze
  • 2018 Good Food Award, Winner
  • 2018 International Chocolate Awards, Americas, Micro-Batch, Bronze
  • 2018 Northwest Chocolate Festival, Gold, Best Dark Chocolate

We make this multiple award-winning bar with beans from the Salazar family farm in the Esmeraldas region of Ecuador.  The Salazars have over one hundred acres of carefully cultivated Nacional hybrid cacao trees.  The volume of beans they harvest allows them to ferment and dry the beans themselves and the level of control they have over the cacao varietals they plant, as well as their post harvest processing, results in beans of exceptional quality and flavor.  This is a well balanced bar with very low acidity, intense berry jam flavors and a long finish.

This bar is made with our own freshly pressed Esmeraldas cocoa butter, ensuring true single origin flavor and an exceptionally smooth texture.

For more information about the cacao we use for this bar please visit our Esmeraldas page.

Ecuador, 70% Cacao, 55g Bar


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

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The Chocolate Ambassador
Ecuador 70%

Aroma: mellow notes of sweet spices, oak barrel aged, green bell pepper

Palate: delicate and pleasant, with predominant notes of Creme de Cassis sweetness, vanilla, clove, oak barrel aged chocolate (even if it is not aged) followed by an almond-like soft nuttiness (peeled), hint of black cherry undertone and cabernet grape, green and tobacco subtlness.
Low acidity, mild Bitterness, long-lasting aftertaste.
I found this tasting experience very aromatic and extremely intricate.

Alec Mill
Very tasty!

Loads of berry and grape notes, yum!

Rick Demko

Like the flower essences in raw honey, amazing flavors.

David Mangus


Amy Wechsler

Love this chocolate!