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Special Reserve Collection

Taste the incredible flavor combinations of our Special Reserve Line!

This collection includes:

  • Putnam Rye Whiskey Bar.  We craft this Good Food Award winner using rye whiskey made locally by award-winning Boston Harbor Distillery.  Each batch of our premium, single origin Esmeraldas nibs is steeped in 54 gallons of whiskey for intense and complex flavors.
  • Lawley’s Rum Bar.  The 2021 Good Food Awards Finalists were announced recently and this bar is one of them!  Each batch of our premium, single origin Esmeraldas nibs is steeped in over 60 gallons of Rum, for sweet molasses flavor.
  • Las Palomas Coffee.  Our Asochivite nibs from Guatemala are steeped in custom-brewed George Howell Guatemala Las Palomas coffee.  This bar is a 2020 Good Food Award Winner.
  • Brown Butter.  We craft our newest Special Reserve bar using locally made, award-winning butter from High Lawn Farms.  Incredibly rich, smooth and delicious!  This bar is also a 2021 Good Food Awards Finalist!

As with all our chocolate these bars are crafted using our own freshly pressed single origin cocoa butter, which we press from the same premium beans we use to make our chocolate.

For more information about our cacao origins and the unique way we craft our chocolate please visit our Our Chocolate and Our Process pages.

Contains four 55g bars.



Four 55g Bars

$60.00 $57.00

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter, Whiskey, Rum Coffee, Butter
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

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This is GREAT chocolate. The brown butter chocolate is probably the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had. This is an amazing company selling ethical chocolate. We bought four bars and they were all gone in 2 days.


I have never had your chocolate but my daughter's family (McAllister) loves it so I give it to them as gifts. Also, my son's family think it's the best since I have given it to them too.
Tom has been very helpful when I have made a mistake with my online orders. Thank you for everything.
Mary Ann Erford


Having tried chocolate crafted in Colorado, New Mexico, California, and New York, I can definitely say that these chocolate bars are superb. Beautifully silky textures combine with subtle, nuanced flavorings.

My Heartthrob Collection

While I love all of Goodnow Farms' chocolate, the Special Reserve Collection makes my heart go BOOM. Each one offers a taste rarely found in chocolate. All the better that the brilliant collaborations are with other local, skilled suppliers. I'm so glad the Putnam Rye Whiskey has stuck around - I was buying up all the bars I could find when it was a limited edition. That hint of whiskey is hauntingly delicious.

An exquisite sensory pleasure

And yummy in the tummy, too!
It is is hard to consume other chocolate after enjoying you lovely product!