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Limited Release, White Chocolate


Limited Release
Available exclusively on our website!  Limited Release bars are our way of sharing the incredible fine flavor cacao we receive from farmers all over the world.  It also allows us to get showcase unique flavors and flavor combinations.

Our First White Chocolate Bar
We freshly press our own single origin cocoa butter, which means this single origin white chocolate bar is very different than the vast majority of white chocolate.  Most white chocolate is made from bulk, deodorized cocoa butter, so the natural flavor of the cocoa butter is completely removed.  But this bar is made from cocoa butter we freshly pressed from our fine flavor, single origin Esmeraldas cacao beans from the Salazar family farm in Ecuador.  These are the same beans we use in our multiple-award-winning Esmeraldas 70% bar.

Ecuador, 55g Bar


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Ingredients: Single origin cocoa butter (Esmeraldas), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Nonfat Milk Powder
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kathryn Fleming

Delicious White Chocolate.

Joan A
Delicious! So light and simply white!

Delicious chocolate, a truly wonderful chocolate company !

Smooth and Tasty

Smooth with rich, cocoa-butter mouth-feel; minimal complexity taste of not-quite caramel undertone.

Anmol A
Discovered my new favorite milk chocolate!

I'll be stocking up on these, kinda sad it's a limited run

Kimberly D
Another delicious chocolate!

Love all your chocolates and variety!