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Limited Release, Chocolate Banana Split

Rich banana, whole milk powder & fine flavor vanilla combine with our fruity, single origin Esmeraldas cacao and freshly pressed cocoa butter for this very special treat!

This combination of flavors is, in the words of one public radio host, “spectacular.”  We previewed this bar this past weekend at The Craft Chocolate Experience in San Francisco and the response was overwhelming – after we sold out people kept coming up to us to ask where they can get more!

The flavors are carefully balanced, so you’ll taste the natural flavors of our single origin Esmeraldas cacao, the creamy organic banana, and the personally sourced Planifolia vanilla, along with the base of rich whole milk.  It’s truly a banana split in bar form!

Tasting Notes:  Cocoa, banana, vanilla, cream



Ingredients: Single origin Esmeraldas cacao beans, organic sugar, freshly pressed single origin cocoa butter, whole milk powder, banana, vanilla
Contains milk.