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Hot Cocoa Tasting Collection

Taste the different and unique flavors of our five single origin hot cocoas in this cozy collection!

Most hot cocoa on the market today is made by one of only a handful of large chocolate companies, then resold in bulk to smaller suppliers who put their own label on it.  It’s also alkalized with potassium carbonate, a process which strips out not only most of the beneficial flavanols, but also most of the flavor.  You’ll also usually find additives such as soy lecithin and, believe it or not, vanilla.  The end result is a highly processed product which tastes more like additives than it does actual cocoa.

Freshly pressed and ground right here in-house.

Original price was: $80.00.Current price is: $64.00.

Ingredients: Freshly Pressed and Ground 100% Cacao Powder, Organic Sugar
Soy Free, Gluten Free, Not Alkalized, No Lecithin, Vegan

Customer Reviews

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Tami Jo
Hot Cocoa

I ordered the sample package of the Hot Cocoa. I like them all.

Victoria Tucker

Hot Cocoa Tasting Collection

The BEST hot cocoa!

Goodnow Farms seriously makes the BEST hot cocoa. I love them all, and my favorite is Almendra Blanca -- delicious! All are creamy and rich with an unbelievable froth. My only wish is that these would be available in much larger sizes!

Scott Bennett

I can only attest to the outtacontrolness of the Mexican hot chocolate. Have not tried the other two countries, yet. The smoothest, most delicious hot chocolate I've ever tasted in my 59 years. (FWIW, I have bought plenty of what I thought would be bigshot fancypants hot chocolate, but it always turned out only the packaging was bigshot fancypants.) This is the real deal. P. S. Shipping was speedy, arrived in time to bring for holiday. P. P. S. My hosts used 2% milk.

Tony Jimenez

This is the highest quality, most delicious hot chocolate I’ve ever had, period!