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El Carmen

We’re very proud that this bar just won Gold at the International Chocolate Awards!

We discovered this fine flavor bean after meeting Giff Laube and Jose Enrique Herrera, the owners of Cacao Bisiesto, at their farm just outside the town of Matagalpa. The beans are named after the town in and around which they’re grown, which is located in Nicaragua’s Central Highlands.

The wet cacao beans (baba) are sent to Giff and Jose who then ferment and dry them at their centralized facility located on their farm, which allows them complete control over the entire flavor development process.  For more information on their farm and fermentary, including pictures, check out our El Carmen page.

This is one of the first beans we found on our travels through Central America and it holds a special place in our hearts!

For more about this bean origin please visit our El Carmen page.

Soy & gluten free.

TASTING NOTES:  This bar is a dark chocolate lovers dream.  Deep, rich and earthy with caramel and raisin notes.



Nicaragua, 77% Cacao, 55g Bar


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Charles Southworth
Xmas Chocolate Sampler

It was fascinating to truly realize all the subtle flavor notes within all of your differently sourced cocoa in the chocolate bars. Definitely a must for serious chocolate fans! Very enjoyable. It would be great if you could maybe come up with a page by chefs or serious flavor aficionados that would guide people on great wines, after dinner drinks, coffees, teas fruits, or even cigars, etc, that would pair well with certain chocolates. Like designing an itinerary for your tasting trip! Just an idea. Thanks for the amazing chocolate!

Kirsten Malsnee

Great chocolate!! Love it.

Rob Noller
Amazing quality!

I simply love this chocolate. I’ve tried just about all of the different flavors. El Carmen is a great choice.

Lynn Larson
Smooth and Creamy

Like the other single origin chocolate bars in the signature line, this one is a winner. Smooth and creamy. Delicious!

Gwenyth Beaven
great chocolate!

Still one of my favorites, smooth and tasty!