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Central America Collection

Central America is known for its diverse varieties of fine flavor cacao.  Sample single origin cacao from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Mexico in this bundle.  The flavors are incredibly unique!

As with all our chocolate these bars are crafted using our own freshly pressed single origin cocoa butter, which we press from the same premium beans we use to make our chocolate.

For more information about our cacao origins and the unique way we craft our chocolate please visit our Our Chocolate and Our Process pages.

Note:  Mexico isn’t technically in Central America but the cacao beans we get from farmer Vicente Cacep in Tabasco, Mexico are a great addition to the flavors in this bundle.

Contains four 55g bars.


Four 55g Bars

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Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

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Central America Collection

Fantastic....+ local, what can be better?

All the awards received for a reason. Goodnow Farms Chocolate bars match all most important characteristics of highest quality chocolate: 1. Good quality chocolate snaps in a delightfully clean, crisp break. 2.Good quality chocolate has a dominating and rich cocoa smell. 3. A nice glossy, smooth finish means your chocolate was made by masters. The last and the most important is a taste: bucket of delightful notes: Fruit, Hazelnut, Caramel, Fig. My personal favorite is Guatemala ( From this set) and Peru. Thank you for a chance to enjoy your chocolate. 

Always delicious!

We tried the Brown Butter when we were visiting Boston and just fell in love. We got these as Christmas presents. Arrived well packaged and well received. Thank you!

Best Chocolate!

We love your chocolate! Every variety is unique and delicious!


Central America Collection