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Almendra Blanca

We source these beans from farmer Vicente Caçep, whose family has been growing cacao on his Hacienda Jesus Maria farm in Tabasco, Mexico for over 80 years.

Despite having a 77% cacao content this bar is very light in color, which is due to the fact that the beans are white as opposed to the standard purple.  This is how the bean gets its name – Almendra Blanca literally means “white almond.”   People often assume white beans are Criollo beans, but that’s not usually the case.  The white color is simple one of the many genetic variations which occur in all beans.

Monica first discovered Vicente’s farm on one of her sourcing trips to Mexico, and was impressed by the quality of his beans and his entire operation.  He runs his own nursery to cultivate cacao trees which produce these unique white beans, and also does all of his own fermentation and drying.  He wasn’t exporting beans to the United States so we worked with him to arrange transportation to our farm.  Each year we send a truck to his farm to pick up the beans he sets aside for us, and we manage the entire customs and import process.  Although it’s a complicated and time consuming it’s worth it for these unique and flavorful beans!

This bar is crafted with freshly pressed Almendra Blanca cocoa butter for intense single origin flavor and exceptional smoothness.  We’re one of the only chocolate makers in the country to press our own cocoa butter, and it makes a world of difference in flavor.

For more information and pictures of our trips to Hacienda Jesus Maria check out our Almendra Blanca page.

For more information on fine flavor cacao, our personal approach to direct sourcing and our unique chocolate making process please visit our Fine Cacao, Our Chocolate and Our Process pages.

Tasting notes:  The mellow bar has flavor notes of creamy citrus and hazelnut.  This is truly a unique tasting experience.

Collections:  This bar can be found in The Complete Collection, The Signature Line Collection, and The Central America Collection.

Pairings:  For cheese pairing selections please visit our Tastings and Pairings page.

Mexico, 77% Cacao, 55g Bar


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter
Soy Free, Gluten Free, Not Alkalized, No Lecithin, Vegan

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Bars & Cacao

Ordered some bars and the 100% cacao powder to make my own hot chocolate. Hands down the best chocolate I've ever tasted. In fact, after tasting their chocolate bars, I've realized that i have never actually had GOOD chocolate in my life. Totally different experience and will definitely be ordering again soon!

W Meredith
Uncanny flavors and an uncanny review

I don't normally make reviews, but the fact that Goodnow happened to ask me to review this bar the day after I tried it, and that my tasting also happened to be in comparison with a different maker's Almendra Blanca from Mexico -- I had to oblige.

I have been trying a different bean-to-bar chocolate from several different makers for every day of December (like a chocolate Advent calendar). This chocolate has been my favorite so far, and it was the very clear favorite when compared to another very good producer (who shall remain nameless) who offers an (also tasty but less complex) Almendra Blanca bar. I found caramel right out of the gate, which gave way to a very pleasant mango brightness. A very slight and mild spice (achiote?) whispers in the finish. Adding a pinch of salt to the tasting further helps unveil the fruitiness into even more pronounced mango and orange sherbert. A very pleasant ride of flavor, aroma, and super smooth texture.

joseph gianotti

smooth, melts in your mouth, faintly bitter but overall taste very good. Would try something less bitter next time.

Joan McFaul
Chocolate Sampler

My order consisted of a half dozen or so bars, each was made from beans sourced from different Central/South American countries. All were tasty, a few exceptionally good. I would recommend trying several so you can make informed decisions on what you like best for subsequent orders.

Frank Eastman
Best ever

This is the most flavorful and delicious chocolate I have ever eaten. It is far and away the best ever!