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Our Signature Line craft chocolate collection contains all of our award-winning single origin Signature Line bars!   This is the best way to truly appreciate the incredible and distinct flavors from each country.

All of our chocolate is crafted using only fine flavor, single origin cacao beans we source personally during our travels throughout Latin America.  Our Signature Line bars are made using only these cacao beans, organic sugar and our own freshly pressed cocoa butter, pressed from the same premium beans we use to make our bars.  The result is true single origin flavor.   The flavors in each bar reflect the genetics of the cacao beans, the terroir of the region, how the beans were fermented and dried, and our unique and personal approach to chocolate making.

All the bars in this collection have won awards from both the Academy of Chocolate and International Chocolate Awards.

The Signature Line craft chocolate collection contains six 55g bars.

Six 55g Bars


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Fresh Pressed Cocoa Butter
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Fabulous. This is what chocolate should be.

Texture is everything to me and Goodnow Farms chocolate is so wonderfully smooth -- I just haven't found that in your usual commercial chocolate. I never used to like dark chocolate -- it was just bitterness with a nice chocolate smell and only good for cooking. But Goodnow chocolate is flavor integrated into the bitter -- citris, berry, other flavors I still haven't figured out. Ordinary milk chocolate is just candy now (though Goodnow's milk chocolate has the same complexity of taste as the darker bars). It's a shame that the weather is only reliably cool enough where I live maybe 4 months out of the years for me to get Goodnow's through the mail, but it certainly brightens up the holidays.

Beate Grieben-Francis

I am savoring the Ecuadorian chocolate- a real treat.
Have experienced the Peruvian and Mexican chocolate before I bought the whole package. Both are delightful. It will take me a while to savor the whole package-a small amount goes a long way for me, as I have my chocolate "meditation" every day. I will share some as gifts with special people! Thank you!

elizabeth gifford

your chocs destinations are for Christmas stockings here there and everywhere!
Choc Tea too, for family within our local stratosphere.
I wish I possessed promo cards describing Goodnow’s global recognition so my friends could realize their incredible treat/gift!

Virginia Lane
Perfect for gifts too!

This chocolate is so rich and wonderful. I have given some of the Signature Line away to special friends, reluctantly, but will just order more. ( I mean I couldn't eat ALL of them, however tempted to do so.) My friends were impressed. My personal favorite is Nicaragua/77%. A very satisfying choice.

Shannon Winakur

I thought I knew good chocolate, and then I found Goodnow Farms! Tom and Monica have introduced me to a whole new world - the flavors are rich, luscious, and subtle. I appreciate the love and care that go into each bar.