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Oat Milk, 61%

Creamy & Rich

This 100% plant-based milk chocolate is uncompromisingly delicious.  That’s right, this rich and creamy is completely vegan!

Colombia, 61% bar


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Ingredients: Single origin cacao beans (Boyaca), Organic Cane Sugar, Freshly Pressed Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Boyaca), Organic Oat Milk Powder
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
So smooth and creamy!

Wow, this is by far the best vegan chocolate I've ever had! It's extremely smooth, I can't even tell that it's vegan.

Robert Klautky
Nice but expensive

I thought the chocolate was very smooth, not too sweet and was balanced well. However, for the price versus quantity, I felt it was very expensive.

Top notch flavor!

This is delicious whether you eat dairy-free or not. You will find that the sweet, earthy flavor of the oat milk is the very thing you crave in this flavorful bar! It's not a concession, it's the prize, and it works beautifully with the Boyaca beans!


I am addicted to chocolate, I have tried so many different kinds of chocolate from all over the world. This company makes the best I have ever had. The Oatmilk chocolate is my absolute favorite! It is a very smooth chocolate with that incredible flavor that Goodnow Farms brings out in their chocolates.

Jane of Walking Feat Quilts

I took my Chocolates to my bank after I took out what I wanted for my house & then I took the remainder to share with my bank friends. The Bank manager picked The Oat Milk Chocolate Bar & asked him what did he think, & he said that he really liked it & he also said that the Oat Milk Complimented the texture of The Bar!! When I order again, I will buy more of This Bar!!!