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Limited Release, Herbaceous Green Sichuan Pepper

Limited Release

Limited Release bars are our way of sharing the incredible fine flavor cacao and amazing flavor combinations.  We make only one batch of each bar, so they’re only available for a limited time.

Our Herbaceous Green Sichuan Dark Chocolate sourced from spice company 50 Hertz is truly unique.  We always pair the natural flavor notes of our single origin chocolate with different complementary flavors, and this match up is spectacular.  The herbal notes of our Peruvian Ucayali chocolate seamlessly meld with and carry the pine, floral and citrus notes of the Green Sichuan Pepper.  And, the Ucayali chocolate already had a slightly cooling hit, but the Sichuan really amps it up for a cool breeze in the mouth after the lemon rush!

And, what you’ve heard about Sichuan pepper is true – it gives the same tingly sensation as if you were exposed to a low electrical current!  ⚡️ The feeling is actually equal to 50hz, which is the rate at which electrons vibrate on most power grids.  Incorporated in our chocolate you get a tingly, buzzing sensation.  But don’t worry – the only way this bar will actually shock you is with how intensely herbal it is!

Note that this bar is NOT HOT!  


Ingredients: Single Origin Cacao Beans (Ucayali), Organic Cane Sugar, Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Ucayali), Dried Green Sichuan Pepper
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Brown (Quick)
Excellent chocolate

Smooth, with a wonderful aftertaste. Definitely not too spicy, if at all spicy.

Very different in a good way!

This chocolate bar tastes like a whole journey! I can first smell the herbaceous aroma from the green Sichuan peppers. Then I take a bite, the acidity from the premium cacao beans comes through. My favorite part is toward the end when my tongue starts to tingle with the lemon gush and salivate like a waterfall, creating all kinds of interesting flavors in my mouth. Well done!

Sandra Wyse

Limited Release, Herbaceous Green Sichuan Pepper

James Henrich
Herbaceous Green Sichuan Pepper dark chocolate

Superb! True to the tingly nature of Sichuan pepper. Just the right amount of tingle.

The flavor was wonderful. The packaging was shamefully wasteful.

5 star for flavor, 1 star for packaging. The flavor of the chocolate was special and the peppercorn punch made it a unique taste. However, I can’t buy this product again because the packaging made me feel ashamed at all of the paper product and non-compostable temperature control silver bag involved. I appreciate the need to protect the product but my shock at the amount of waste (and some non-compostable waste) surrounding a very small amount of chocolate damaged my experience.

I saw your product in Rockridge Market Hall although it wasn’t the peppercorn one. I would only ever buy your product from a physical store again. Never again by mail. I hope you’re doing a more sustainable job in the shipping of your products to a physical store.