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100% Cacao Powder

This 100% Cacao Powder is roasted, pressed and ground right here in our chocolate kitchen!

We’re one of the only chocolate makers to press our own cocoa butter.  The cacao bean naturally contains about 50% cocoa butter, so by pressing out the butter we’re able to create this rich, flavorful, totally natural cacao powder.

Unlike most cacao powder ours is NOT alkalized.  Alkalizing darkens the powder and makes it more soluble, but it also removes most of the beneficial flavanols and the flavor.  Our cacao powder contains all of the natural flavanols and it also retains the flavor of the fine flavor cacao beans from which it’s made.  There are no additives whatsoever.

To make this powder we start with the same single origin beans we use to make our award-winning chocolate bars.  This is a blend of cacao powder from all the beans we source from Latin America.

This cacao powder is great for baking, sprinkled over your favorite food, added to coffee for an awesome mocha, and so much more!

To learn more about how we make our chocolate and press our cocoa butter be sure to visit our “Our Process” page.

We challenge you to find any other 100% cacao powder that is made completely in-house.  We know you’ll taste the difference!

Origin Blend, 4oz Bag


Ingredients: Cacao Beans
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christopher Ellicott
Cacao Powder

Wow - what a unique taste! Took a few cups of hot chocolate to get acquainted with it, but I have really come to like it. It has overtones of yogurt which I'm guessing is from the natural fermentation process.

michael kamen

100% Cacao Powder

Hot Choclate

Stocked up on my homemade hot chocolate base. Goodnow’s powder has that chocolatee goodness which brews very smooth.

sally laRhette

I love the richness of this cacao powder and I add a tablespoon full to the Hot Chocolate mix called Asochivite and Whole milk from the Berkshires in Massachusetts!

Katherine Dickinson

100% Cacao Powder