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  • Is your chocolate Fair Trade or Certified Organic?

    Fair Trade requires only a small premium over commodity prices and also requires that farmers pay a fee to be part of the program. We prefer to use the Direct Trade model - we have personal relationships with all of our farmers and always negotiate the price directly with them as well. We pay premiums that are well above Fair Trade minimums - at least 100% above commodity prices and in some cases 200%, 300% or more. We've been to origin for all of our beans and know not only the farmers but the workers as well. We always make sure good labor practices are being used, that workers are being treated well, and that they're paid at least the legal minimum wage.

    In regard to Organic Certification, although some of our cacao is certified organic we don't require our farmers to be certified. Organic certification requires that farmers pay a fee, and the reality is that even cacao that's certified organic isn't always so. That's another reason we visit origin for all of our beans - we know exactly what the farmers are doing and that they're not using pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

    We are committed to building and sustaining long term, equitable relationships with all our farmers. For more information about the farms from which we source check out our About Our Chocolate pages.

  • Do you use any preservatives or emulsifiers in your chocolate?

    There are no preservatives, emulsifiers, soy lecithin or artificial ingredients in any of our chocolate!

  • Is your chocolate alkalized.

    We never alkalize. Alkalizing not only strips out the natural flavors of the cacao but also removes most of the beneficial antioxidant flavanols.

  • Is your chocolate dairy and gluten-free?

    All of our chocolate is gluten free. It's also dairy free with the exceptions of our Special Reserve Brown Butter bar and our Milk bar.

  • How do I store my chocolate?

    It's best to store chocolate in a cool, dry environment. But, don't put it in the refrigerator! When the bars go from a cold environment to a warmer one condensation can form, causing sugar bloom (a white powder on the bar). It doesn't mean the bar has gone bad, but it doesn't look very good. If you do need to refrigerate it, be sure to wrap it well, and allow ample time for it to reach room temperature after you remove it from the fridge.

  • What is the shelf life of your chocolate?

    For most of our bars it's two years, although for some bars it's shorter. Each bar is stamped with a "Best Buy" date.

    Keep in mind the chocolate will stay good after that time. However, we recommend eating it as close the purchase date as possible for best flavor.

  • How do I use a promotional code or gift certificate?

    When checking out simply type your gift certificate number or discount code into the “Coupon Code” field and click “Apply.”

  • Do you have gift boxes?

    Yes! Just select the “Gift Box” option on checkout. You'll also have the opportunity to personalize a gift message for the recipient.


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