The cost of quality

One of our goals when we started was to make great tasting, ethically sourced craft chocolate available to as many people as possible.  Most high quality single origin bars were priced in the low-to-mid teens, which was more than many people wanted to spend to try something new.  After all, what if they didn’t like it?

We made the price low enough that trying craft chocolate wasn’t as big a risk, hoping it would encourage people who had never tasted single origin chocolate to give ours a try.  And it worked!  We can’t count how many people over the past two years have told us we’re the first craft bar they tasted… and they loved it so much they’re never going back.

As much as we wish we could keep our prices the same, the reality is that making extremely high quality, single origin bean to bar chocolate is an incredibly painstaking, time consuming and expensive process.  Over the past two years we’ve realized that if we want to keep paying farmers a premium for their beans, stone grind our chocolate and press our own cocoa butter we had no choice but to increase prices since we’ll never compromise on quality, flavor, attention to detail or our commitment to ethical sourcing.

Many of the best craft bars of comparable quality on the market today are now in the mid-to-high teens or even in the low twenties.  We’re trying very hard to keep our prices on the low end of the craft chocolate spectrum in order to encourage as many people as possible to try them.  Incredible flavor is something everyone should experience, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that by supporting our direct trade practices they’re helping cacao farmers receive substantially higher prices than they’d receive on the commodity market.

Thanks very much for supporting our handmade craft chocolate, and stay tuned for exciting new origins, partnerships and flavor combinations coming later this year!