We’re a big winner at the 2024 Chocolate Alliance Awards

chocolate alliance, 2024

The Chocolate Alliance Awards were just announced and we won nine awards, including three Gold!

The Chocolate Alliance is an organization with the mission to serve the artisan chocolate industry through professional consulting services, business education, product development seminars, professional networking and public events to ultimately create greater support, evolution, and success for business leaders in the chocolate industry.  Their flagship event, The Northwest Chocolate Festival, is now in its 15th year, drawing thousands of consumers to taste new and established chocolate brands.

This is a global competition, and the winners include the best craft chocolate makers from all over the world.  Try our winners today in our online shop:


Gold:  Signature Line, Boyaca

Silver:  Signature Line, Esmeraldas

Silver: Signature Line, Ucayali


Gold: Special Reserve, Putnam Rye Whiskey

Gold:  Maker’s Choice, Pure Passion Fruit

Silver:  Special Reserve, Las Palomas Coffee

Silver:  Limited Release, Cacao Fruit White Chocolate (sold out)

Bronze: Maker’s Choice, Black Urfa Chili

Bronze: Maker’s Choice, Green Sichuan Pepper



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