We’re a 2023 Good Food Awards Winner!

2023 Good Food Awards winning Ucayali bar, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

The 2023 Good Food Awards ceremony was held this past weekend in Portland, and we’re excited and proud to announce our Ucayali bar is a winner.  This is our 6th consecutive win!  Check out the complete list of winners here.

The 2023 Good Food Awards ceremony, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

In addition to celebrating exceptional craft products, the Good Food Foundation requires that all entrants meet strict environmental and social responsibility standards.  Also, each region is limited to only three winners in each category, which makes this award even more special.


We’ve sourced our cacao for this bar from Ucayali River Cacao for the past six years, following our visit there in 2017.  The pandemic hit them very hard, and during the 2021 harvest season we pre-paid for all our cacao in order to help with the cash flow issues they were experiencing due to the many COVID related challenges.  The challenges continue, however, and this year it’s not clear if there will even be a harvest – we’re keeping our fingers crossed.  As we have more information we’ll share it on our blog.

But, for now at least you can try this incredible award-winning bar in our online shop. And, for cheese pairing selections check out our Tastings & Pairings page.

This bar is also a previous winner of a Gold sofi award and a Silver at the International Chocolate Awards World Finals.



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