We Won Fifteen 2021 International Chocolate Awards!

fifteen international chocolate awards

The International Chocolate Awards for the Americas region were just announced, and we’re proud to have won 16 awards, including two Gold!  We’re very proud and honored to have won more ICA awards this year than any other chocolate maker in North America.

Chocolate making has been a very long journey for us, starting more than fifteen years ago.  In that time we’ve learned a lot, and overcome many challenges – making single origin chocolate is never easy.  Despite the difficulties we feel incredibly fulfilled by the work we’ve done, from working directly with amazing and inspiring small farmers, to creating a product of exceptional quality.  These wins reflect not only our hard work, but the hard work of everyone along the single origin cacao supply chain.  They also wouldn’t be possible without our fellow craft chocolate makers and all of the very dedicated individuals behind the International Chocolate Awards themselves – this is a labor of love for everyone, and together we’re helping to raise awareness of what fine flavor, single origin chocolate truly is.  Thank you to everyone!

And, of course, we’re extremely grateful to all of our dedicated and passionate customers.  Thank you for buying our chocolate!  We hope we’re able to bring a bit of joy into your world with each bite.

Luckily, some of that joy is only a click away in our online shop.  The full list of our winners is below, and you can view all the winners on the ICA’s website.  The ICA is the world’s only fully independent international fine chocolate competition.  The judges have years of experience tasting and evaluating chocolate, and the judging is overseen by the ICA’s permanent Grand Jury members.  It is one of the most well known, and well respected, chocolate competitions in the world.

Regional winners go on to compete in the World Finals, which take place this year on March 18th in Hamburg, Germany.  Wish us luck!


USA, Micro Batch, Plain/Origin Dark Bars

Gold: El Carmen 77%


USA, Micro Batch, Dark Chocolate Bars with Flavoring

Gold: Special Reserve, Lawley’s Rum


Americas, Micro Batch, Plain/Origin Dark Bars

Silver:  Asochivite 77%

Silver:  Boyaca 73%

Silver:  El Carmen 77%

Bronze:  Almendra Blanca 77%

Bronze:  Esmeraldas 70%

Bronze:  Ucayali, 70%

Bronze:  Limited Release, Bahia


Americas,  Dark Chocolate Bars with Flavoring

Silver:  Special Reserve, Lawley’s Rum

Bronze:  Special Reserve, Brown Butter

Bronze:  Special Reserve, Las Palomas Coffee

Bronze:  Special Reserve, Putnam Rye Whiskey


Americas,  Plain/Origin Bars with Alternative Ingredients

Silver:  Asochivite with Maple


Americas,  Dark Chocolate Bars with Inclusions

Silver:  El Carmen with Coffee

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