We won fourteen 2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards!

2021 Academy of Chocolate winner badges

As a small craft chocolate maker it’s always gratifying to be recognized by the Academy of Chocolate, and this year we’re proud to have received 14 awards – more than any other craft chocolate maker in North America!

About the Academy

The Academy of Chocolate exists to, among other things, promote a greater awareness of fine chocolate. There’s a lot of chocolate in the world but only a very small amount is produced by makers who are dedicated to ethical sourcing, quality ingredients and fine flavor. We’re very proud to be included on their list of award winners for the fifth year in a row!

2021 Winners

This year five of our bars won Gold!  They include our Signature Line Boyaca and Asochivite bars, as well as Special Reserve bars Las Palomas Coffee and Putnam Rye Whiskey, and our Asochivite with Maple inclusion bar.

Our chocolate making process starts with beans we source personally from farmers throughout Latin America.  Starting with the best beans is key to making exceptional chocolate, and we’re proud to partner with some amazing farmers in each of the countries from which we source.  We’re also one of the only chocolate makers in the world to freshly press our own single origin cocoa butter.  We then add this butter to our chocolate we’re able to make it exceptionally smooth and flavorful.  Our entire process is done in small batches right here in our chocolate kitchen.  We roast, winnow, refine, conch, temper and mold all of our chocolate by hand.  It’s a time consuming process but the result is multiple award-winning chocolate bars (and hot cocoa!).

For a full list of all our winners please visit our Awards page.  The page for each bar also includes all of the awards it’s won.  All of our bars are available in our Online Store, with free shipping on orders of $75 or more.


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