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Popular Science included our Complete Collection in their top twelve list of the best food gifts to give this holiday season!  If you think chocolate has nothing to do with science think again – from the aerobic and anaerobic reactions in the bean fermentation process, to the Maillard reaction in roasting, to the polymorphous crystals present in the cocoa butter and also the hundreds of flavor precursors in cacao that react in different ways during the coaching process, chocolate is a master class in food science!

To learn more we highly recommend checking out Stephen T. Beckett’s highly regarded (and mostly comprehensible to the food science layperson) “The Science of Chocolate.”  Southwestern University even offers a Science of Chocolate class, taught by our good friend (and chocolate aficionado) Romi Burks.

But you don’t need to understand the science to love the flavor!  Try our Complete Collection, as well as all of our other highly sciency bars, in our Online Shop.  We offer gift boxes and shipping is free for orders of $75 or more.


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Delicious science!


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