The Best Small Batch Chocolate Bar in America

21 international chocolate awards, winner, goodnow farms chocolate

The 2023 International Chocolate Awards Americas Competition winners were just announced and our Almendra Blanca bar won USA Gold in the Micro-Batch Plain/Origin bar category!  We had 21 winners in total, and the full list is below.  Most are still available in our online shop.

The Americas competition is for chocolate makers throughout North, South and Central America.  Each of our winners is now eligible to compete in the World Finals competition, which is when winners from every region compete to see who’s the best of the best.  Winners will be announced on November 26th in Florence, Italy – see you there!

Best Micro-batch, Plain/Origin Bar

USA Gold & Americas Silver:  Almendra Blanca

Silver:  El Carmen, Ucayali, Asochivite, Boyaca, Kerala

Bronze: Esmeraldas

Best Bar, Infusion or Flavoring

Silver: Putnam Rye Whiskey, Lawley’s Rum, Black Urfa Chili, Pure Passionfruit, Las Palomas Coffee, Caramelized Onion

Bronze:  Fresh Mint, Brown Butter

Best Bar, Inclusions or Pieces

Silver:  Almendra with Almonds, El Carmen with Coffee

Best Milk Bar

Bronze: Classic Milk

Best Milk Bar, Flavored

Bronze: Passionfruit & Cream

Best Bar, Alternative Ingredients

Silver: Asochivite with Maple

Bronze: Oat Milk

the best small batch chocolate bar in america, goodnow farms chocolate

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