Raiders of the Lost Cacao

the bridge to san juan chivite, goodnow farms chocolate

Well, it’s not exactly Indiana Jones but tomorrow we’re off to South America to search for more great cacao beans. This always takes us off the beaten path, which is why I use the Raiders of the Lost Ark reference, but the comparison stops (hopefully) before the point where blow darts are being launched in our direction.

The two countries we’re traveling to are Ecuador and Peru, both of which are known for having exceptional cacao. The problem is, they’re also known for having less-than-exceptional cacao, and the trick is finding the farmers who are not only growing the most flavorful varieties but also have the technical skill to properly ferment and dry.

There’s a lot more to be said about cacao varieties and the challenges facing cacao farmers, as well as the fine flavor cacao market as a whole, but since our flight leaves early tomorrow morning we’ll leave those discussions for another day. For now, we’re hoping you’ll follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as we send updates from our travels!