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Limited Release, Peppermint

Limited Release

Available exclusively on our website!  Limited Release bars are our way of sharing the incredible fine flavor cacao we receive from farmers all over the world.  Although we aren’t able to visit these farms personally we’re so impressed with the quality and incredible flavors we just had to turn the beans into chocolate.  As with all our bars these are made with cocoa butter we freshly press from the same beans we use to make the bars.  We make only one batch of each of origin, so they’re only available for a limited time.

About This Bar

Our Limited Release Peppermint Dark Chocolate bar is a collaboration with our friends at Burlap & Barrel.  Ethan Frisch and Ori Zohar are as passionate about sourcing single origin spices as we are about sourcing single origin cacao!  They visit the farms personally, trade directly with the farmers, and find unique spices available nowhere else.

Peru, 55g Bar


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Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Organic Sugar, Single Origin Cocoa Butter (Ucayali), Mint
May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
stafford daniels
Dark Chocolate and Peppermint

I really like this chocolate....this is my FIRST time tasting your chocolates of any kind.....VERY nice.....the peppermint is really subtle, i'm used to the candy cane chocolate bars.....but i understand your description...THIS is much more healthy for me.....i usually dont finish an entire bar....due to sugar content....but this bar is great!!! Love the smoothness of it!...Not bitter....i like 100% bars too.....77% is very nice....better than 70%...THis is the first time i've seen a 77% bar. Love it!!! I love the packaging!!!! I felt like a kid opening a Willy Wonka bar!!! :o) Cant wait to try the Chili bar (Black URFA)....Thank you....

Jane Perry



Dark chocolate & peppermint was a small hint of peppermint, not too much. Delicious bar!

Michelle Leger
Not very pepperminty

Lovely texture, but not sure the peppermint is strong enough. Couldn’t taste it. But it was lovely chocolate.

Kathryn Fleming
Wanted more Peppermint

The chocolate was excellent as always but unlike the Rye or the Whiskey bar, I could barely get any taste of the peppermint. It could just be me but that is the only reason that I didn’t give a 5 star review.