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Limited Release, Demon Seed Whiskey

The ghosts and ghouls in our Haunted Barn created this bar all by themselves!

They used 55 bottles of their favorite whiskey – Demon Seed (what else?) from Boston Harbor Distillery, and added sweet maple sugar sourced directly from the underworld (err… Severance Maple).  They chose our Boo-yaca single origin cacao for the chocolate, and the result is this devilishly sweet, hot and spicy bar.  They even freshly pressed the cocoa butter from the same Boo-yaca beans they used to make the chocolate!

Oh, and they asked us to pass along that they’ll haunt anyone who doesn’t buy this bar, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

TASTING NOTES: Sweet, rich maple fudge with lingering pleasant heat.

Colombia, 55g Bar


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Ingredients: Single origin cacao beans, granulated maple sugar, single origin cocoa butter, whiskey