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Limited Release, Coco Loco

Our Coco Loco bar is a flavorful escape to paradise!  Creamy coconut milk, coconut sugar and rich dark rum combine for a delicious medley of tropical flavors.  You’ll be instantly transported to a warm, sandy beach (figuratively speaking, of course – at least until our ongoing teleportation experiments bear fruit).

This bar was inspired by our favorite Colombian beach cocktail, the Coco Loco – a drink we discovered in Cartagena during one of our cacao sourcing trips.  There are many variations on the recipe but we love the combination of coconut, rum and citrus.  To make this bar we had to find just the right balance of flavors to accentuate our chocolate, so we did a LOT of test batches.  This final recipe involves soaking our fruity Esmeraldas cacao nibs in Boston Harbor Distillery’s Lawley’s Rum and adding just the right amount of organic coconut sugar, organic coconut milk powder, and naranjilla fruit to our grinders.

Our tropical Coco Loco bar is slightly sweet and chocolate forward.  And, that’s right – there’s NO cane sugar and NO dairy in this bar!

Tasting Notes:  Coconut, molasses, vanilla, citrus, oak.


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Ingredients: Single origin cacao beans, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut milk powder, rum.

Customer Reviews

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Second bite better than first

Didn’t like the first bite .. too unusual a flavor .. but second bite I was hooked .. delicious in a unique chocolatey way.

Your Title is Perfect cause this Bar makes your tastebuds want more & the blends are magnificent!

This Coco Loco is Fantastic & Scrumptious with the Blending that is incorporated just right!!