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Chocolate LOVE Winter Hat

Hand-knit, Super soft, 100% Superwash Merino Wool

We love all things chocolate, including these Limited Release CHOCOLATE LOVE winter hats!

Wear our hat above the brow and covering the tips of your ears leaving a little wiggle room at the crown of your head for comfort. Alternatively, wear like a beanie snug and over ears for full coverage, super warmth and a different style.

Comfortable, warm and stylish, easily worn on the farm and in the city!

Limited quantities available in adult small and large.


We wanted to stay cozy and warm this winter and share our love of chocolate, so we asked our friend and Goodnow Farms Chocolate lover Rosemary to knit us some soft and comfy hats.

Our uniquely designed and hand-knit winter hats are a variegated deep, rich blue encircled by a warm gold “CHOCOLATE 🤎”. Our hat is a true collaboration of fine flavor, great taste, comfort, premium quality and knowing your makers.

The woolen yarn we used is a super soft, 100% Superwash Merino Wool produced by Malabrigo, a family-owned company in Peru and Uruguay. Malabrigo employs mostly women of all ages and tries to give jobs to those with fewer opportunities than average individuals. The wool they use comes from local, old-style shepherds who allow their sheep to roam freely along the hillsides. Their Superwash wool is so soft because they take additional steps to de-barb and remove lanolin from the fiber.  This means the material can be worn comfortably against the skin, and many people with super skin sensitivities can wear the Superwash wool without irritation.


for adults with smaller heads and kids (Monica in small hat, her head is 21.5” circumference)
hat measurements, flat & unworn approx. 8”tall and 14”circumference

for adults and those with more hair or larger heads or who want more hat space
hat measurements, flat & unworn approx. 9”tall and 16”circumference

*Please note that each hat is lovingly hand-knit and may have minor color and sizing nuances.
*Please note that the Superwash woolen fiber has give and will stretch slightly while being worn.


Machine washable, gentle cycle, cold water, do not tumble dry, dry flat