Single origin chocolate is similar to fine wine in many ways.  The flavors are influenced by many of the same factors:  genetics, terroir, fermentation methods and the unique approach of the maker to the chocolate or wine making process.

The complex flavors of single origin chocolate lend themselves to an infinite number of flavor pairings with not only wine but also cheese.  Below you’ll find suggested cheese pairings provided by Allium Market’s Cheesemonger team.  Try these for yourself to see how the flavor combinations create entirely new flavor experiences!  And, of course, we recommend trying your own pairings with your favorite cheeses.

Also, our personal recommendation is to pair our Esmeraldas bar with a rich, creamy bleu.  One of our favorites is Bluebird Reserve from The Grey Barn and Farm on Martha’s Vineyard.  Exquisite!

Wine pairings coming soon!

Goodnow Farms Chocolate + Cheese Pairings
Allium Market  Brookline, MA
1. Esmeraldas & Aged Gouda 
    -Specific pairing: 21 month aged Treur Gouda from Holland. The juicy sweetness of this Gouda is complemented by the berry flavors of the Esmeraldas. The combination of the cheeses’ “crunch” and the creamy finish of the chocolate round of the bright sweetness beautifully.
2. Ucayali & Aged Sheep’s Milk Cheeses
     -Specific Pairing: Ram’s Hall Dairy “Berkswell” from England. The citrus notes of both the cheese and the chocolate compliment each other, while the floral notes of the cheese bring a newfound, brighter finish to the Ucayali.
3. El Carmen & Younger Alpine Style Cheeses
     -Specific Pairing: Gourmino Six Month Aged Gruyere from Switzerland. The warmer flavors of darker fruits and cocoa enrobe the roasted onion and toasted nut flavors of the Gruyere, giving way to a sweet and savory, melt in your mouth treat.
4. Asochivite & Blue Cheeses
      -Specific Pairing: Cascadia Creamery “Glacier Blue” from Trout Lake, Washington. The creamy yet assertive piccant flavors of this raw milk blue cheese are rounded out and mellowed by the creamy fruitiness of the Asochivite, a combination that can be appreciated by blue cheese novices and connoisseurs alike.
5. Almendra Blanca & Rich, Creamy Soft Cheeses
    -Specific Pairing: Lazy Lady Farms “La Roche” in Westfield, Vermont. The bright fruit and warm nutty flavors of the Almendra Blanca add a welcoming sweetness to the densely creamy La Roche, perfectly imitating a bite of a goat cheese frosted brownie.