Our new holiday bar is in the grinder

goodnow farms chocolate grinding

We love discovering new flavors, and trying different flavor combinations in our bars. The holidays give us a good excuse to let our creativity run free, and this season we’re very excited about our upcoming “Winter Maple with Spiced Brown Butter” bar. This one has a little bit of everything: butter from High Lawn Farm in Lee, MA, which we brown to toasty perfection, maple sugar from Severance Maple in Northfield, MA, and cardamom from the single origin spice masters at Burlap & Barrel. As always we did many, many test grinds and we’ve hit on a flavor combination we love.

The nibs and maple sugar went into the grinder yesterday morning and we’ll be adding the brown butter and cardamom this weekend. Next week we’ll be molding and wrapping the bars, and as soon as they’re ready we’ll put them in our shop. If you haven’t already be sure to join our mailing list since we always announce new bars there first!

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