Our Hot Cocoa is in the Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal features our Hot Chocolate in their recent article “Soothing Hot Chocolate Strategies!  You can view the story here, although you’ll need to register or have a subscription to view the entire article.

Due to our Hot Cocoa winning the World Drinking Chocolate Competition and also being in the Journal we’re having a hard time keeping it in stock.  If the hot cocoa you want is out of stock please subscribe to be notified when it’s available.  To subscribe simply go to our online store and click on the item you’d like – if it’s out of stock there will be an option to subscribe.

Our hot cocoa is unique because we make it from the same premium single origin beans we use to make our chocolate, so each variety has it’s own unique flavor profile.  We’re also one of only a few chocolate makers who press their own cocoa butter.  One of the many benefits of this time consuming and difficult process is that we’re able to make this rich, incredibly flavorful hot cocoa mix from scratch right here in our kitchen.

Most hot cocoa is alkalized, which means it’s washed with a solution of potassium carbonate.  This allows the cocoa powder to dissolve in milk or water more easily, but significantly alters the flavor.  Alkalizing also removes a significant amount of the natural flavanols, which are compounds that play a significant role in the beneficial effects of eating cacao.

Our cocoa is NOT alkalized.  You may need to stir a your hot cocoa a bit more vigorously but you’ll taste the unique flavor of the beans, and get the full benefit of cacao’s flavanols!


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