Monica LIVE on CGTV

Monica talks about cacao prices live on CGTV

For Valentine’s Day Chinese Global TV interviewed Monica LIVE about the rise in cacao commodity prices.  Watch the full interview here!

Global cacao commodity prices have risen dramatically, which is good news for some farmers.  But, very bad for others, as the reason for this rise in price is because the global harvest is down significantly, which means many farmers had little or no cacao to sell.

If the harvest returns to normal next year prices will likely drop as dramatically as they rose.  The long term solution is for chocolate companies to pay a higher, more fair price for the cacao beans they buy.  Although legislation which would help cacao prices and ensure companies aren’t supporting slave labor has been introduced in the US House, it’s been shot down by intense lobbying from the large chocolate companies which say they can regulate themselves.  Twenty years later cacao prices are still low and slavery still exists.

As a consumer it’s important to be aware of how much the companies you’re buying chocolate from pay for their cacao beans.  If they don’t, you should ask for it.  See our latest list of what we pay for all of our cacao beans here.


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