Aid for Turkey

gaziantep, turkey

The earthquake in Turkey has caused massive devastation and suffering, and created a humanitarian crisis.  Two of the hardest hit cities are Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, which is where the mint…


Back from Ecuador & Peru!

We just returned from a very successful (and warm!) sourcing trip to Ecuador and Peru, where we visited two amazing producers: Costa Esmeraldas Cacao in Ecuador and Ucayali River Cacao…


Our Black Bottom Cupcakes!

black bottom cupcake recipe

We love baking at our house, and it is awesome exploring all of the different, chocolate-based recipes with our single origin chocolates!  What’s better than some yummy, Black Bottom love?…


Fun with inclusions

chocolate bar inclusions

What, exactly, is an “inclusion?” The term “inclusion” is one we hadn’t heard until we started making chocolate.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines inclusion as “a relation between two classes that…