Celebrating 100 Locations!

It’s been just over year since we launched and we’re happy to announce a milestone we’re very proud of – our chocolate bars are now available in over 100 fine stores nationwide!

We spend a long time carefully sourcing and making our chocolate and it’s gratifying to partner with so many retail stores that truly care about quality and ethical sourcing.  As more stores, like the ones we’re partnered with, become aware of the importance of knowing how food is sourced and made more small makers will have opportunities to make truly great products with a positive impact.

We’re excited to be available in so many incredible stores in New England and also nationwide in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.  Thanks very much to everyone who has bought our chocolate at one of our retail partners.  We greatly value and appreciate your support!

For a full list of stores where you can find our chocolate check out our Retail Locator.  And please email us if there’s a store that you’d like us to be in!  We’re always looking for more great stores to partner with so we can spread the word about great chocolate!!