We’re a big winner at the 2024 Chocolate Alliance Awards

chocolate alliance, 2024

The Chocolate Alliance Awards were just announced and we won nine awards, including three Gold! The Chocolate Alliance is an organization with the mission to serve the artisan chocolate industry through professional consulting services, business education, product development seminars, professional networking and public events to ultimately create greater support, evolution, and success for business leaders in the chocolate industry.  Their flagship event, The Northwest Chocolate Festival, is now in its 15th year, drawing thousands of consumers to taste new and established chocolate brands. This is a global competition, and the winners include the best craft chocolate makers from all over…


Bloomberg’s Summer Picks Include Our Chocolate

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Bloomberg Summer Picnic Picks

Bloomberg put together a list of everything you need for the ultimate summer picnic, and our chocolate is on it! Put together your own fabulous picnic spread by checking out the article.  Bloomberg has a paywall but you can read one article for free by scrolling to the bottom of the page and registering for an account – no credit card or email subscription required. The list has been thoughtfully curated to include more than just exceptionally tasty food and beverages – there’s also a thermal cooler, picnic basket, and even suggestions for an “uplifting” outdoor playlist that includes Amir…


We’re an America’s Test Kitchen “Best Single Origin Chocolate” Pick

America's Test Kitchen Best Single Origin Chocolate

America’s Test Kitchen is one of the most widely known and respected resources for truly incredible food.  They tasted single origin chocolate bars from around the world to determine which are the best – and we’re on their list! You need to be a member to read the full article, entitled “The Best Single Origin Chocolate.”  If you don’t subscribe you should – there’s more info about ATK below!  But, the quick takeaway is that they chose our Almendra Blanca bar as one of their favorites, saying the bar packed a “flavor wallop,” and was “super-raisiny on the first bite.”…


Introducing Loyalty Points

We’re excited to offer a way to earn discounts in our online shop! We can’t offer standard discounts because our margins are simply too small.  So, we’ve added a loyalty program which allows you to earn a point for every dollar you spend on our website.  Points can then be redeemed for discounts. We appreciate our many loyal repeat customers, and this is our way of saying thank you for supporting us. Here’s how it works: EARNING POINTS To earn points you need to be logged in to your account.  If you don’t have an account you can create one…


We’re a 2024 Good Food Award Winner!

2024 good food award winning chocolate bar, goodnow farms chocolate

We’re excited and proud to share that our Caramelized Onion bar just won a 2024 Good Food Award! A Good Food Award is one of the most coveted in the food world.  Not only are there few awarded (only three in each category per region), but each entry needs to meet strict standards for sustainability and transparency. This is actually our seventh win in a row!  Our previous winners are: 2018 – Esmeraldas 2019 – Putnam Rye Whiskey 2020 – Las Palomas Coffee 2021 – Lawley’s Rum 2022 – Boyaca 2023 – Ucayali All the previous winners are available individually…


Fun at the San Francisco Craft Chocolate Experience

san francisco craft chocolate experience, goodnow farms chocolate

This is the first time we attended the Craft Chocolate Experience in San Francisco and it was awesome –  LOTS of craft chocolate lovers were in attendance and we sold out of several bars. The first to go was our Good Food Award finalist Caramelized Onion bar, followed closely by Sichuan Pepper and our new Zanzibar Pepper bars.  We also sold out of our Chocolate Banana Split Bar, which premiered at the festival.  We’ll be releasing it on Thursday of this week so keep an eye on your email. Not signed up for our mailing list yet?  You can join…


Upcoming Price Increase on June 3rd

tom holding drying cacao beans at cacao bisiesto, nicaragua, goodnow farms chocolate

Price increases are something we try very hard to avoid – in eight years we’ve only done two.  But due to several factors we’ll be raising the price of our chocolate bars on June 3rd.  The increase will be between 11% and 15% depending on the bar. The biggest reason is the disruption of the cacao market due to the historically high price of beans.  Commodity prices are typically around $2800 – $3200 per ton, but in the past six months the price has risen to over $12,000 per ton – a 400% increase. Cacao prices are stratospherically high because…


The Cacao Harvest in Nicaragua

tom with ripe cacao pods in nicaragua, goodnow farms chocolate

We just returned from a sourcing trip in Nicaragua!  We visited our main farmer, Giff Laube, as well as some of the farmers which supply him with the baba for our El Carmen cacao. The good news is that, for the most part, the El Carmen/Matagalpa area of Nicaragua had a good harvest this year.  This is in contrast to most other places in the world where the cacao harvest was the worst it’s been in decades due to climate change and El Nino. We were there at the height of the harvest, and there were numerous ripe pods on…


Commodity Cacao Prices are a Problem

Commodity Cacao Price Chart, 6 months

If, like most people, you don’t pay attention to global commodity cacao prices you probably don’t know how crazy they are right now.  The price for a ton of cacao has historically been around $3200 – $3600 per ton, but here’s the price as of March 18th: This is well above the previous all-time high of $5, 909 per ton.  And it’s shot up from normal levels in less than six months: But wait, you say – I thought the problem with commodity cacao prices is they’re normally too low, so farmers are locked into poverty.  So, aren’t higher prices…


Our Caramelized Onion Bar is a 2024 Good Food Finalist!

Caramelized Onion bar with Good Food logo, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

This year the Good Food Awards had over 1600 entries and we’re proud to be one of a small number of finalists.  These awards are particularly special because the Good Food Foundation has strict criteria to ensure all producers meet high standards for sustainability and ethical sourcing. This bar has to be tasted to be truly appreciated.  Onions and chocolate aren’t typically thought of as tasting great together, but this bar proves the mixture of sweet and savory is a winning combination.  In addition to being a Good Food Finalist this bar also recently won Silver at the International Chocolate Awards, with one…


Academy of Chocolate Awards Announced – We Have 27 Winners!

2023 academy of chocolate gold winners, goodnow farms chocolate

The Academy of Chocolate just released their list of 2023 winners and we’re proud to have 27, including three bars that won Gold! The Academy brings together some of the most experienced and respected chocolate tasters and accepts entries from all over the world.  This year they received over 1400 entries from 55 countries!  And, for the first time since 2019 the judging was held in-person at Westminster Kingsway College in the UK, with over 70 judges tasting samples. We’re always grateful to be included in the Academy’s list of some of the best chocolate in the world.  Our full…


We have twelve 2023 World Finals Winners!

2023 International Chocolate Awards World Finals, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

We recently returned from Florence, Italy, where we were happy to accept 12 awards at the International Chocolate Awards World Finals ceremony!  The awards were held at a beautiful palazzo just north of the city, and it was great to connect with so many incredible chocolate makers from all over the world. Each year the International Chocolate Awards holds regional finals around the globe.  Regions include Asia-Pacific, Europe, The Americas and more.  Only the winning bars in these regional competitions are eligible to compete in the World Finals.  So, this is truly the best chocolate in the world! Our complete…


Our New Yasica Bar Received the Highest Dark Chocolate Score at the Northwest Chocolate Festival Awards

Monica, Giff, Robbie and Griffin at the 2023 Northwest Chocolate Festival, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

We had an incredible weekend at the Northwest Chocolate Festival!  Thousands of craft chocolate lovers descended on the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue Washington to enjoy two days of tasting chocolate from some of the best craft chocolate makers in the world.  There were also numerous informational presentations, including one by us.  Monica was on the main stage along with our Nicaragua cacao farmer Giff Laube to talk about our latest Limited Release “Yasica” bar. We crafted this bar with an extremely rare ancient Nicaragua Criollo bean which Giff has been carefully propagating for over ten years, after finding the trees…


The Best Small Batch Chocolate Bar in America

21 international chocolate awards, winner, goodnow farms chocolate

The 2023 International Chocolate Awards Americas Competition winners were just announced and our Almendra Blanca bar won USA Gold in the Micro-Batch Plain/Origin bar category!  We had 21 winners in total, and the full list is below.  Most are still available in our online shop. The Americas competition is for chocolate makers throughout North, South and Central America.  Each of our winners is now eligible to compete in the World Finals competition, which is when winners from every region compete to see who’s the best of the best.  Winners will be announced on November 26th in Florence, Italy – see…


We’re a 2023 Good Food Awards Winner!

2023 Good Food Awards winning Ucayali bar, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

The 2023 Good Food Awards ceremony was held this past weekend in Portland, and we’re excited and proud to announce our Ucayali bar is a winner.  This is our 6th consecutive win!  Check out the complete list of winners here. In addition to celebrating exceptional craft products, the Good Food Foundation requires that all entrants meet strict environmental and social responsibility standards.  Also, each region is limited to only three winners in each category, which makes this award even more special.   We’ve sourced our cacao for this bar from Ucayali River Cacao for the past six years, following our…


Potential Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

health benefits of chocolate

We’ve read many articles over the years describing the potential health benefits of dark chocolate, but haven’t posted about them.  Why?  Well, one reason is we’re not medical professionals, and can’t independently verify any of the claims we’re reading.  Another is that there’s an obvious conflict of interest when a chocolate maker mentions how healthy chocolate could be. But, at this point we’ve seen so many articles referencing studies which suggest non-alkalized dark chocolate may have numerous health benefits we can’t help ourselves.  So, with the caveat that we are not medical professionals and full disclosure that our providing this…


Transparent Trade, 2023

visiting cacao farmers in colombia

Understanding where your food comes from is incredibly important.  Most people usually have very little understanding of where their food is grown, the process by which it reaches them, and the prices paid to everyone involved in the journey. Not having even a basic understanding of food supply chains helps give rise to numerous problems, including the entrenchment of unsustainably low prices paid to the farmers at the beginning of the chain.  This is the case with cacao – the global commodity price is so low it results in cacao farmers becoming locked into endemic poverty.  Prices are low for…


Bean to Bar, and the meaning behind it

When we communicate our chocolate’s value proposition, one of the terms we use is Bean to Bar.  Being craft chocolate makers so heavily involved with the weight and intricacies of daily production, it’s easy to forget that many consumers still don’t fully understand the depth of information contained in that loaded term.  Actually, it’s not forgetting; we don’t often have the opportunity or the universal platform to dive deep and explain Bean to Bar’s complexity, nuance, and real-life implications. We are not the only ones in the fine chocolate value chain who struggle with clarity and communication.  Writer Sharon Terenzi…


12 Chocolate Alliance Winners

Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Chocolate Alliance Award Winners

The Northwest Chocolate Festival is the largest craft chocolate festival in the country, and this year we were very happy to be back at the festival in person!  It was an incredibly fun time, and it was awesome to see so many of our chocolate friends after so much time apart. As part of the festival they announce the winners of the Chocolate Alliance Awards, which are judged by some of the most experienced and respected chocolate experts in the world.  We’re proud to share we have 12 winners, including 9 Gold winners! Our full list of winners is below,…


IN-PERSON at The Northwest Chocolate Festival

Northwest Chocolate Festival

Affet two years of virtual gatherings we were excited to finally attend The Northwest Chocolate Festival in-person this year!  It was two nonstop days of chocolate sampling and education, and it was incredibly energizing to once again be able to connect with people face to face.  We saw a lot of old friends and made a lot of new ones. There were also numerous presentations about all things chocolate and Monica was on a panel for the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.  Along with other craft chocolate professionals she’s been working on a glossary of terms with standard definitions agreed upon…


The 2022 International Chocolate Awards are in

2022 International Chocolate Awards winners, Goodnow Farms

The awards for the International Chocolate Awards, America’s competition were just announced, and we have 15 winners, including Gold for our Asochivite with Maple bar – that’s more winners than any other chocolate maker in north America.  Our winners now go on to the World Finals, where they’ll be judged alongside the winners from every other regional competition. For the full list of awards visit our Award Winners page, and try all the winners for yourself in our online store!


2022 Academy of Chocolate Awards Announced – We have 17 winners

goodnow farms, academy of chocolate award winners

We’re excited and proud to announce that we won seventeen 2022 Academy of Chocolate Awards – more than any other maker in North America!  Our winners include four golds: Special Reserve 100% Cacao Special Reserve, Putnam Rye Whiskey Special Reserve, Lawley’s Rum Special Reserve, Las Palomas Coffee For the complete list of winners check out our Awards Page. All of these bars are available in our online store and are currently in stock, so you can try all of the award-winners for yourself!


Direct Trade vs. Fair Trade

You’ve probably seen the term Fair Trade a lot on product packaging.  When you see that label you probably assume that people all along the supply chain, from farmers on up, are receiving a higher price for their product than they would otherwise.  But, that’s not always the case.  For example, with cacao it’s possible that farmers who pay money for a Fair Trade certification could get paid LESS than the already-too-low commodity price for cacao.  Does this mean Fair Trade is a bad thing.  No.  But it does mean that all of us need to spend more time understanding…


Single Origin Cocoa Butter Is Awesome

Our freshly pressed cocoa butter, Goodnow Farms Chocolate

It’s true – single origin cocoa butter really IS awesome.  We know this because we taste it.  A lot. If you don’t agree with us about cocoa butter’s awesomeness you’ve probably never tasted the right kind.  And the reason you’ve probably never tasted the right kind is because it’s very, very, very hard to find. Why is it so hard to find?  Well, because it’s very, very, very hard to make.  But we make it because adding single origin cocoa butter to our chocolate makes a huge difference in the flavor.  We didn’t realize how much of an impact it…


The Importance of Ethical Sourcing

The Washington Post recently published an excellent article, “Cocoa’s Child Laborers,” detailing the issues with child labor and unsafe working conditions in the global cacao supply chain. The article explains how, for nearly twenty years, the large industrial chocolate companies have missed goals to eradicate child labor from cacao production.  These goals were set collaboratively involving many major industrial chocolate companies, members of the U.S. congress and representatives from foreign governments. Based on the numbers provided in the article it seems that over an eighteen-year span the major chocolate companies have spent less than 0.0081% of annual sales to address…


The Power of Small Business

tom and monica testing chocolate, goodnow farms chocolate

We’re a small business, and we actively search out and support other small businesses in our community.  We’d like to share why the concept of small business is so important to us. First, we should define what a small business is.  The US Small Business Association defines it as an independent business that has less than 500 employees.  While that may seem like a lot, the average small business size is 22.2 employees per company.  According to the SBA’s 2020 survey there are 31,720,139 total businesses in the United States.  Of that total, 31.7M are small businesses and 20,139 are…


We’re a 2022 Good Food Award Winner

2022 Good Food Award Winner

We’re proud to announce our Boyaca bar is our fifth consecutive Good Food Award Winner! The Good Food Awards are unique in that all submissions must meet strict criteria for social and environmental responsibility. There are only three regional winners in each category, making these awards even more special. Try our Boyaca bar for yourself today, and try our four previous winners with our Good Food Award Winners collection!


2021 Sofi Award Winners

sofi awards 2021

We’re proud to share that our 2021 Sofi award winners are our El Carmen 77% bar, Classic Milk bar and our El Carmen Hot Cocoa! The sofi awards recognize the best specialty foods from around the globe, and were dubbed the “Oscars of the food world” by Bloomberg.  This year we won awards in three different categories:  Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Coffee & Hot Cocoa.  We’re the only chocolate maker to win an award in each category, and the only maker to win three 2021 awards. Our 2021 Sofi award winners are available in our online store, and we…


Halloween Haunted Barn

halloween haunted barn

It’s that time of year again!  Time for all the ghosts at our 200 year old farm to once again haunt our historic barn. Considering they wait all year for this it’s understandable they go all out for the occasion.  In addition to our ghosts we think neighboring specters show up as well.  💀💀💀 Although our spooky barn isn’t open to the public please join Monica and me for a video tour of this year’s spookiness.  Not only will it get you in the Halloween spirit but you may come away with some ideas for your own Haunted House!  …