A note on prices

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Raising prices is always a difficult decision, and we held off as long as we could.

The last time we raised our prices was five years ago, and since then the inflation rate has risen by more than 20%.  In addition, prices for many of our ingredients and supplies have increased by far more than 20% – for example, sugar is now 50% more expensive than it was five years ago.

We make exceptionally high quality chocolate – among the best in the world.  This quality comes with costs, from paying a premium for the very best cacao beans, to pressing our own cocoa butter, and conching for as many days as it takes to develop perfect flavors.  Every step of that process has become significantly more expensive during the past five years.

So, to help cover some of the additional costs we’ve raised prices on our chocolate bars by an average of 15%.  Prices for our hot cocoa, cacao powder, cacao tea and nibs remain the same.

We appreciate your business and your understanding, and hope you continue to purchase our handmade, fine flavor, ethically sourced chocolate.  If you have any questions please email us any time at info@goodnowfarms.com.

Tom & Monica

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